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Why we are

Private Business communities, partnering with Governments, Development financial Institutions(DFIs) and initiatives like the AFRICA SAVANNAHS Initiative to assit Africa to feed itself, create JOBS for yoth and women.

At least 233 million people were estimated to be hungry or undernutrished in sub-saharan Africa( Source 2014 united nation food and Agriculture Organization)

Africas food challenge is further compound by the need to be feed its rapidly growing population which is expected to double to 2.4Bn by 2050.

Africa's Agriculture status report 2017 by the allience for green revolution in africe notes that the continent's food market is growing rapidly with opportunities in the sectr estimated in the sector estimated to worth more than.

$1 trillion every year by 2030, helping substitute food imports with high valuefood made in Africa.


Secure, ESTABLISH AND CONSOLIDATE the following by means of Greenfield or existing Farm acquisitions in selected markets within our Network of countries where economies of scale can be achieved:

LAND AVAILABILITY: underutilized, cost effective and available land with strong mineralized but diversified soil availabilities along correct natural sources of water basins, catchments which its mass exceeds the land mass farmed to ensure water perennity over 20 years.

ACCESSIBILITY: countries which are easily connected by rail and established transport corridors allowing for accessible set up or distribution of final produce within country or export.

PROXIMITY TO: Multiple continental export hubs available Network region 4 major ports South East and Asia facing, including access to Atlantic hub in Namibia

TECHNICAL KNOW HOW: Established technical know-how in countries (as opposed to 10 years ago very international dependent) to allow for ag technology transfer and adequate management of farms/Integrated Ag Parks

CAPITAL AVAILABILITY: International Funding, Local Ag funding, Ag specialist or Development banks, or African Institutional Funding, are available to be sourced given the gap in leveraging offering to bridge the Food needs



We have hired and have on board a total team of key roles within Lake Agro working on operations and leadership as we speak.

The Leadership structure, key roles being finalized in certain in Plantations (Farm Teams) and as the first Ag Park (Ag Park Team) is constituted, will add double our capacity rapidly.

The current 60 sit overseeing around our Serenje Plantation and our regional offices in Tanzania where operations involve specialities in:

Agronomy, Crop harvesting, Disease control, Seed/Fertilizer/Input management

Equipment management and procurement specialists

Works/Build contracting and maintenance

Agronomy advisors and consultants for prescaling work and Irrigation experts that oversee current project status

Management and leadership, finance control, strategy, finance and Ag project planning

How we are?

About Us


  • PREP: Deploy Phase 1 growth plan expansion plan
  • PLAN: Add in Integrated AG Parks in Phase 1 for consolidation and value addition
  • PROCESS: Processing facilities to be set up in Phase 1 as Phase 1 farms stabilize/consolidate
  • PLAN: Selection to acquisition of Phase 2 market entry farms
  • PREP: Rapid turn around of Farm acquisitions due to poor management/performance in Phase 2
  • PROCESS: Reorganize value addition processing facilities to accommodate Integrated Ag Parks in Phase 2
  • PREP: Growth of production yields/land development of Phase 2 Greenfield Plantation farms

Inherently the approach will suggest the production and yielding will exceed 11T/ha of arable land as an average across all our farms, using commoditized crops such as but not limited to (icons can be used to represent the grain – black on white)

Soy bean
Sugar, Protein (beef)

Diversification rotational crops: Teak, Beans, Horticulture (fruit based) where the land permits to play with buffer spaces

“How we Do it”

“People are our biggest company asset at Lake Agro just like farming does not exist without human capital and equity”


We have an infrastructure made up of central roles sitting within Lake Group such as: IT, Legal counsel, Auditing, Finance, Treasury and HR which work closely with the key roles in Lake Agro.

It allows us to enable the deployment of our structures and execute growth plans including scaling up operations or taking transformation leaps.

It is key for the Operations (Ag Park and Farm) to be supported with such functions throughout and correct leadership which results in the correct value chain for Lake Agro and realization of OUR business model (i.e. our profitability).

We have an ambit to create talent pools which allow us to correctly operate and maintain the sustainability of each of our projects, Plantations, Ag parks – financially, socially and on a production basis – day in, day out – thereon for the long term.

We have a deep understanding on how to plan, run and execute such Plantations and Operate them but more so how to Secure or Improve them over time.

We focus on Rising Stars Projects, as they attract talent and as we know that Talent attracts Talent when there is a reliable company direction. This is why we are set with right team of people for our operations and strategic-minded leadership.